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High School Class of 2019 Offers of Admission
University applications are open!  I thought we could start a discussion so that people can see when people get accepted, where they applied and their averages.

I found the 2018 discussion to be very helpful and informative, in that discussion they included the following information;

Program and post-secondary institution  
Date of application 
Date of offer 
Admission average (Grade 11, Grade 12 first semester- basically whatever was used in determining admission qualifications) 
Province you're applying from 
Any other information you'd like to add.
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Stressed Out
Hey, all my friends are already getting into university and I still have not heard from anyone yet, kinda getting stressed a little bit. I applied to the kinesiology program at york, Waterloo, and UofT. My overall for first semester was 88%.
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Can I get into UBC or SFU science with an 86% average??
I'm currently in grade 11, and my term 1 average was about 86% with all subjects (except French which I am taking online, which will probably lower it).

- Pre-Calculus 11: 77% (horrible, I know)
- English 11: 88%
- Chemistry 11: 84%
- Physics 11: 81%
- Law 12: 86%

I'm improving in physics and math, but I've down 4% in chemistry.
I'm aiming for an 88-90% average in term 2... do you think I have any chance at getting into the sciences at UBC or SFU? Or eastern universities like Western or Waterloo?
I know I'm definitely not the smartest person out there, and UBC is like 93% minimum for science. Also feeling pretty self-conscious of wanting to go into the sciences and not even getting an A in either of my science courses. LOL

Thanks :)
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Where should I study Kinesiology?
So I applied for a bachelor of science in kinesiology to 7 different schools in Ontario. I applied to Brock, York, Western, Queens, Macmaster, University of Waterloo, and University of Guelph. I was fortunate enough to get into all programs except Macmaster and Queens, as they are more competitive to get into and do not give out offers of acceptance early on in the year. My concern is that I am not too sure which University to study in. I narrowed it down to my top four choices being Western, Macmaster, York, and University of Waterloo. York and Macmaster have the top kinesiology program in Ontario from the research I have done, however, Waterloo offers co-op placements in which you actually get paid and Western has a double major degree offered after the first year in which you are able to receive a degree in both business and kinesiology. If anyone could let me know about what they know about any of the programs or Universities, it would be really helpful!! Thank You!
Architecture in Ontario Programs
Asking anyone who has been accepted into undergraduate architectural programs in Ontario, or is completing/completed it. E.g., Waterloo Architecture, UofT Daniels, McGill, Ryerson Arch.. anything really, but please specify the name of the university. What courses did you take in high school that have allowed you to get accepted? Do they have a preference?
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Should I study at Western or Waterloo?
So I narrowed down my top two options for the program of kinesiology to two places; Western and Waterloo. However, I am very torn between the two. 

Waterloo has Co-op placements where you get paid, you receive real-world experience, and residence is cheaper than Western's

Western has a better social life, better atmosphere and people (from what I heard), and Western also offers a dual degree where you can receive a business and kinesiology program. 

Thoughts on where I should go?
Can I get into any of these computer science programs?
I understand there is a lot of competition for computer science programs however do you think I could get into any of the following programs with these marks?

Applied for computer science at:
University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, UTM, UofT(St.George,) University of Guelph
Grade 12 final marks so far: 
Advanced Functions - 88%
Accounting - 88%
French 90%
English - 82%
Grade 11 marks to add to top six:
Economics - 96%
Accounting - 92%
Average = 89.3%

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Chances of me getting into university
I applied to 5 programs. They are the following as stated

1. Kinesiology at university of toronto 
2. Health Studies at university of waterloo
3. Human kinetics at university of ottawa 
4. Concurrent education with program interest in kinesiology and health sciences 
5. Biology at ryerson 

I just got my report card for my 1st semester final marks and I had the following 

1. 96 in kinesiology 
2. 92 in world issues 
3. 76 in advanced functions 
4. 84 in English 

I have an overall of 87% and I was wondering if I would be able to get a conditional offer for any of my programs this month in February ? My 2nd  semester consists of me having families in Canada a 4M course, spare, chemistry 4U and Biology 4U.

Any advice or feedback would be great, thanks 
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Can I still get into this Program?
I currently have a mid 80's average. I have a 88 in English, 90 in Physics, 90 in Biology but I have a 64 in Advanced Functions. I'm in Grade 12 and I was looking at UW and Ottawa for Life Science and Biomedical Science respectively. Both require the Advanced Functions course as a requirement and both require the mark to be above 70%. In second semester I am confident that I can get all 90's to boost my my average, but is it still possible for me to get into those programs? (P.S for both programs, the overall average must be low 80's).

Please let me know asap if anything is possible.
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1st Semester Marks
Does anyone know when first semester marks go to universities. Also, do universities use your first semester final marks when making offers in February? 
Any input or advice would be helpful,  thanks!
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Architecture 2019
Hiiiiiiiii I thought I'd make a thread for anybody applying to architecture this year so that we can relieve some anxiety as well as discuss where we've applied and our portfolios :)

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Waterloo Afmaa and Queens commerce PSE/SE fee?
I'm finished with my applications, I was charged 50 dollars on ouac as a program fee when I applied to waterloo so I was just wondering if this was for the afmaa. 

Also, I was wondering if there is a fee for the queens pse/se if you're applying to commerce. 
Business at uWaterloo
uWaterloo is one of the most prestigious schools in North America for areas like Math, Computer Science etc. But how good is the business side of the school. Lets say I wanted to go into Finance, Marketing etc. Would I be at an advantage when seeking a job compared to the students that went to Laurier, Queens, UofT etc.
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Schulich Reference
For the Schulich leader scholarship application we need at least one reference to be from a school staff member. Should it be from any teacher or a science/math teacher who can comment on my academics? I got it from a teacher who can talk about my leadership but now I am wondering if the reference had to be more about the type of student I am.
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Waterloo Accounting chances
What are my chances with an 87-89% average for the accounting and financial management program at Waterloo? Anyone received an offer already?
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So my grade 12 semester 1 marks were just submitted to OUAC, I have a 91% average. Do you think that’ll be good enough to be accepted to queens arts (health studies intended major) and western health sci? My grade 11 average was less than favourable (74%) so I’m not sure...are they still looking at grade 11 marks now that they have grade 12? Do you think I’ll have to wait until they get grade 12 semester 2 midterm marks?
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uWaterloo FARM
Im a high school student trying to figure out what i'm going to go with my life. I narrowed it down to finance and was very impressed with the FARM course at uWaterloo. Im planning on taking english, religion, data, calc, adv func (done in gr11), accounting, personal finance, physics, and chem in gr. 12. The sciences are not a pre-requisite nor is it recommended. I thought about taking them because I would consider myself fairly good at both (estimated final mark around low 90's for each). Should I take these courses, or are they unneccasary and just going to add more stress. Or will these courses give me an advantage since there the more difficult classes. And if anyone else knows more about FARM and would like to share, you are more than welcome.
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Psychology Admissions 2019
I thought applicants to psychology programs should have a thread to let each other know when and where we've been accepted. 
Leave a comment to where you've been accepted with youre average and where you're applying from.

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Computer Science Acceptances 2019
Hey, I wanted to start a thread on the computer science program acceptances for the 2019 school year.  Please post:

1. School/Program(s) Applied to
2.  Date Applied 
3. Grade 11/12 average (which ever was used in consideration for your offer) 
4. Program(s) accepted to 
5. Date of acceptance 

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Competitiveness and Expectations
It's hard for me to find motivation now. I am a grade 11 student who was optimistic about starting this year, and doing well in the IB program. A semester later, my self-confidence has been destroyed and I don't know what to do anymore. So for more context, I am an IB student who has taken HL Math, SL Physics, SL Chem and, SL French the past semester. I go to a very competitive school (one of the best in Ontario) and almost a third of our graduating class is in the IB program. Naturally, there are many bright students in my school, to which I always compare myself to. Anyways, I decided to go all out this year, and I still did not manage a good grade in HL Math. I know that the time I dedicated to studying, is just as much, if not more than others, yet it seems as if everyone is getting 90's. Waterloo has been the school that I have wanted to go, but seeing how the admission average is now around 95 to be competitive, I just can't help but to already expect rejection. Because I spent so much time on HL Math, my Chemistry mark is atrocious, and although it is a grade 11 mark, your IB predicated mark is also based on the grade 11 mark, which would affect my grade 12 marks. I am thinking of switching out of the IB program, and maybe into another school in my senior year, but I just don't know if it will be a good fit. I will lose all my executive positions in my extracurriculars, and I will barely know anyone at the new school. If anyone has dropped out of the IB program, is there any advice that they are willing to give?
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When do you think I will receive acceptances?
I've applied to offer 10 programs at this point due to my indecisiveness and still learning where I want to be, I know due to me having so many schools some schools will deny me which is what I have heard.


Ryerson - Business Management
Ryerson - Political Science
Ryerson - Public Administration
UofT - Arts
Laurier - Arts
Queens - Arts
Mcmaster - Arts
Western - Arts
UOttawa - Arts
UOIT - Commerce
York- Sociology 
York- Law and Society
Waterloo - Arts

I know! A lot, but I didn't want to regret not applying somewhere as everyday I am changing my mind. In Grade 11 I didn't do so good sadly I had a 68% average, my Semester 1 Finals are a 86%. I am hoping my marks for Semester 2 can get me to 89-92%. When do you think I will most likely receive acceptances? I know my grade 11 marks may slow this process down.