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Nursing Hopefuls for 2019 :)
Hi prospective nursing students! Let's use this thread as a space to share information, questions, concerns, advice, and more with one another as the year progresses.

To get the discussion rolling, start off with your:
• programs of interest (both nursing and non-nursing);
• expected average; and
• career goals!

I'm thinking of applying to McMaster for nursing and health sciences as well as Western for nursing with a 95-96%. I'd like to be a nurse practitioner in the future, but do not have a particular speciality in mind yet.
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Nursing Hopefuls for 2018!!
There has been posts like these in the past years, so I decided to make one for 2018 applicants!

You can share...
1) What school(s) you`re applying to?
2) What other programs are you applying to as a backup?
3) What overall average are you aiming for at the end of the year?
4) For current/past nursing students, what is your advice for anyone applying for nursing programs this year?
5) Where have you been accepted? If you don't mind sharing, with what average?
6) Any questions you have about nursing! We're all here to help.

I am applying to Western, McMaster, Brock, Ottawa and some collabs!
Hoping for a 90 average this year.
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Stressed Out
Hey, all my friends are already getting into university and I still have not heard from anyone yet, kinda getting stressed a little bit. I applied to the kinesiology program at york, Waterloo, and UofT. My overall for first semester was 88%.
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York University Acceptance Mark
Hi guys so me and my boyfriend applied for York for the same programs - business and society, economics, and Human Resources 

I have been already accepted due to my high mark in grade 11, but my boyfriend has not get any yet. He is getting an average of 79 this year I’m very worried and I would like to know:

1. Would he be able to be accepted for an average ~79%? (All 3 admission requirements are mid to high 70s)

2. Which of the 3 programs would be the most useful? 

3. If he doesn’t get accepted, will York offer any alternative choice ? 

Thank you
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do i still have a chance at getting into university
hey ya'll, this year i"ve been really struggling with my grades and im scared i wont be accepted into any programs 
i have applied to 
york - kinesiology 
utsc - psychological and health science
uoit - health science
ryerson - nutrition and food and social work
my average currently is an 77%, however i plan to get it an 85 by semester 2 midterms
however my average last year (grade 11) was an 82.5. Do you think there is any chance i will be accepted into any of these programs because my average is pretty low 
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Social Work Acceptances 2019
Hey, I wanted to start a thread on the social work program acceptances for the 2019 school year. Please post:  

1. School/Program(s) Applied to  
2. Date Applied  
3. Grade 11/12 average (which ever was used in consideration for your offer)  
4. Program(s) accepted to 
5. Date of acceptance
Where should I study Kinesiology?
So I applied for a bachelor of science in kinesiology to 7 different schools in Ontario. I applied to Brock, York, Western, Queens, Macmaster, University of Waterloo, and University of Guelph. I was fortunate enough to get into all programs except Macmaster and Queens, as they are more competitive to get into and do not give out offers of acceptance early on in the year. My concern is that I am not too sure which University to study in. I narrowed it down to my top four choices being Western, Macmaster, York, and University of Waterloo. York and Macmaster have the top kinesiology program in Ontario from the research I have done, however, Waterloo offers co-op placements in which you actually get paid and Western has a double major degree offered after the first year in which you are able to receive a degree in both business and kinesiology. If anyone could let me know about what they know about any of the programs or Universities, it would be really helpful!! Thank You!
Chances of me getting into university
I applied to 5 programs. They are the following as stated

1. Kinesiology at university of toronto 
2. Health Studies at university of waterloo
3. Human kinetics at university of ottawa 
4. Concurrent education with program interest in kinesiology and health sciences 
5. Biology at ryerson 

I just got my report card for my 1st semester final marks and I had the following 

1. 96 in kinesiology 
2. 92 in world issues 
3. 76 in advanced functions 
4. 84 in English 

I have an overall of 87% and I was wondering if I would be able to get a conditional offer for any of my programs this month in February ? My 2nd  semester consists of me having families in Canada a 4M course, spare, chemistry 4U and Biology 4U.

Any advice or feedback would be great, thanks 
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1st Semester Marks
Does anyone know when first semester marks go to universities. Also, do universities use your first semester final marks when making offers in February? 
Any input or advice would be helpful,  thanks!
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Rotman vs york schulich for finance? Anyone in either please describe how hard it is
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Best Pre-Med Options
I understand that there is no perfect pre-med in Canada. However, I am hoping to get into medical school after my undergrad (yes, I am aware that I might not want to do this after my undergrad or might not have the marks to do this). I know that everyone says to do a degree that won’t be useless if I don’t get into med school but I don’t care about that I just want to do a science degree. I have heard that McMaster Health Science is one of the best options. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE LIST THE BEST UNDERGRADS WITH SCHOOLS FOR INDIVIDUALS PLANNING ON GOING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL? If you could list like 10 that would be awesome! Thanks (:
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Uni Admissions
Hi I'm applying to 
Uoft - Computer Science & CCIT
York - Computer Science & Computer Security
Ryerson - Computer Science
Brock - Computer Science
I heard admissions are based on grade 11 and 12 so here are my top 6 including preq
Advance Functions (Grade 12) - 71%
English ( Grade 11 ) - 87%
English ( Grade 12 ) - 83%
Computer Science ( Grade 11 ) - 80%
Drama ( Grade 11 ) - 87%
Computer Applications ( Dual Credit course, so Its a college credit as well) - 78% 
What are my chances? Keep in mind for Brock and York I added them in recently (after Jan 16th)
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Half of the time when I go into yconic or click on a tab, I get service 503 error. Very inconvenient and so I cannot access things on here a lot of the time. Anyone else get this issue?
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Computer Science Acceptances 2019
Hey, I wanted to start a thread on the computer science program acceptances for the 2019 school year.  Please post:

1. School/Program(s) Applied to
2.  Date Applied 
3. Grade 11/12 average (which ever was used in consideration for your offer) 
4. Program(s) accepted to 
5. Date of acceptance 

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When do you think I will receive acceptances?
I've applied to offer 10 programs at this point due to my indecisiveness and still learning where I want to be, I know due to me having so many schools some schools will deny me which is what I have heard.


Ryerson - Business Management
Ryerson - Political Science
Ryerson - Public Administration
UofT - Arts
Laurier - Arts
Queens - Arts
Mcmaster - Arts
Western - Arts
UOttawa - Arts
UOIT - Commerce
York- Sociology 
York- Law and Society
Waterloo - Arts

I know! A lot, but I didn't want to regret not applying somewhere as everyday I am changing my mind. In Grade 11 I didn't do so good sadly I had a 68% average, my Semester 1 Finals are a 86%. I am hoping my marks for Semester 2 can get me to 89-92%. When do you think I will most likely receive acceptances? I know my grade 11 marks may slow this process down.
York Kinesiology or mcmaster life science?
I'm currently a grade 12 student in an Ontario high school. I am planning to medical school in  the future. for my undergrad I applied to Mac health sci, Mac life sci and York Kinesiology. my marks are pretty high (around 92), so I'm pretty sure I will get into Mac life sci and York . I was debating between Mac life sci and York Kinesiology? I've heard from lots of people to choose an easy program so I can get a high GPA but also when I checked the statistic( http://applymd.utoronto.ca/admission-stats )  for York they were really low. and mcmaster had a really large acceptance rate but it did not said how many were from life sci and how many from health sci. Because I know that a lot of students from health science get in but I don't have enough information about life science students at mcmaster.
staying in Toronto will be way easier for me if I go to York, but also I'm scared that I won't get accepted to medical school if I got to York kine. also I'm interested in both programs but I don't know which one is better in my situation.  what do u guys think?
Schulich school of business
How hard is the program? Compare your grade 12 marks to your marks currently. How effective are the smaller class sizes?
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Western Ivey AEO Admission Grades
Hey everyone! I'm a Grade 12 Ontario student who has applied to the advanced entry opportunity (AEO) at Western University. I have a few questions regarding the application process that has been bothering me to no end. Ivey starts giving out AEO offers to 101 applicants in March, before our second semester midterm marks come out (in late-April). 
They say the admission average will be calculated using one's top 6 grade 12 U/M marks, of which only 4 will be available by the time the first round of offers are given out. Firstly, of all the Ontario applicants who are accepted eventually, roughly what % are accepted before April midterm marks come out? Secondly, without second semester's marks, what does Ivey use to calculate our average?
Cegep applicants? (105D applicants)
Has anyone from first or second-year cegep heard back from any of their university choices?
(Ontario univeristies)

where did you apply?
when did you apply/ get accepted
first o second year?

gl all!
Anyone in schulich? Or the uoft. Scrabrough double degree?
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Neill Wycik Co-op
I was wondering if anyone has ever lived in Neill Wycik on gerrard street. Does the studio room have a private bathroom or is it just bigger (the website isn't clear)? Anything else about what it's like living there would be helpful as well.
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