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TDSB eLearning OUAC institution Name?
The OUAC 101 application says that you have to list all institutions you've been registered in including online school. I've done one online summer school course on TDSB's elearning. What do I put for the section that says Institution Name?
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Do I have to list my online summer school on OUAC?
I'm on the part of the OUAC101 application where you list all the institutions you've attended. I took a grade 11 open course online in the July between grades 10 and 11. Do I have to list this as one of the institutions I've been to? If I do, how do I?
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Do Grade 11 Marks Count?
Hi, I'm a 12th grader at a nonsemestered school. I want to apply to life science at UofT which means that they look at English + Calculus + top 4 grade 12 marks. I was told that they also look at your grade 11 final marks. Do they look at all 8 marks or just top 6 grade 11? Does grade 11 math automatically have to count for me? I got a 77 in grade 11 math so I'm hoping it does not count.
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What Marks Do They Look At For Early Acceptance?
If I applied to early acceptance and they look at grade 11 marks which ones do they look at? I have a total of 9 grade 11 credits (1 Open, 3 Mixed, 5 Uni). 
Do they look at all of them or only top 6?
Do they even consider the open level course?
If grade 12 calculus is a prerequisite for my program do they look at grade 11 functions even if it isn't in my top 6? 
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I want to get into optometry school
I am a high school student in grade 11.  I want to get into Waterloo's Optometry program. But I don't know what Western University science program to choose. I am considering Bio or Chem. Which Western University science programs is the right one for me? and does anyone know about time management and study tips for a high school student like me to get straight 90% marks in my classes like Calculus and Functions and Chem?
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New Ryerson graduate: Ask Me Anything!
Let's connect! https://www.linkedin.com/in/ilanaenoukov

I'm a Ryerson graduate (October 2017) that majored in Professional Communication (ProCom) and wrote the LSAT in June 2017. Aside from holding 3 internships through the last 3 years of my degree, I also worked as a mentor for first year students and in student recruitment for my program faculty. In 2016, I worked as a Project and Communications Assistant for the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS) for the Government of Ontario, and in September 2016 I was hired at the Ontario Energy Board in the Public Affairs department. In my last semester of school, in the summer of 2017, I was hired full time as the Marketing Communications Coordinator for the Toronto based architecture firm Sweeny&Co. As of 2018, I work as a Marketing Specialist for AIR MILES. 

I can answer questions about:
- all program requirements and acceptances 
- campus life 
- residence 
- internships and co-op opportunities + job search + how I got hired in the government + how I got my full time job + other job related advice
- basically any other questions you might have!

Hope you're all excited about the potential of attending Ryerson! Ask me anything! 

If you're looking to contact me personally, you can reach me at ienoukov@ryerson.ca

Grade 11 Schedule
What would be a good balanced schedule with these grade 11 university courses?
World Religions
Also, do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for grade 11? Whatever it may be, it would be deeply appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Grade 11 Schedule
What would be a good balanced schedule with these grade 11 courses? *My school is non-semestered*

Biology(Grade 12)
Philosophy(Grade 12)

I'm planning to take 2 grade 12 courses in advanced so I can have spares in grade 12 without being constricted to only 6 courses that will be sent to universities during application season(more options). I am planning to go into the accounting/business field. I know it seems a lot but I slacked in my previous year since I didn't have a motive/goal and am planning to go full hustle mode for this year. On top of academics I plan on joining maybe 2 clubs and 1 sport. Do you think its manageable? Is philosophy an easy course? Are spares useful in grade 12? Also, do you have any tips, tricks, or advice for grade 11? Please be considerate. Thanks in advanced! If my junior year does go well I'm hoping that my grade 12 schedule will look like:

Advanced Functions
Calculus and Vectors
Chemistry or Data Management 
Economics or Psychology 
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Studying for Grade 12
This September, I’ll be starting my final year of high school and a lot of my friends have already started studying for their classes. 
I’m not really sure what I should be studying, or whether I should be worrying about it at all. I’m kind of worried that I might not be able to get into CS at U of T or Software Eng at Waterloo, so I was hoping for some advice on what I could do this year other than study hard to increase my chances. My current average is a 93, and the courses I’ll be taking are:
Advanced Functions
Computer Science
Accounting (will probably drop)

If you can contribute some tips or advice, please do. It would help a lot.
Dropping summer school course
I’m currently taking gr12 calculus in summer school and i’m barely passing, tomorrow is the final disclosure date so i’m wondering if i should drop the course? 

I already did this class in the second semester of the past school year but got like a 20% which is why i’m doing it again. I need this class so should i drop it so it won’t show up on my transcript and do it in night school in semester 1 of next school year? 

also if i drop it before final disclosure, will it show up on my transcript that i dropped it? or will it not show up at all? Because if it does show up i’m not sure i’m going to get in any unis because then it’ll be technically my 3rd attempt of doing the class. 
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Grade 11 Scheduling Urgent Advice Needed!!!
Hey guys,
 I got my timetable for next year. BTW, I live in Ontario, so I'm following Ontario curriculum.

First semester: 
Physics first period 
Functions second period
Anthro, physcho, socio third period
Chemistry fourth period

Second semester:
English first period
Biology second period
Coop third and fourth period.

Coop depends on whether I'm getting into it or not. I will have to drop that course and take French and take a spare.

Looking at my timetable, do you all think I will have a tough time studying all those courses. I actually want to even out my courses. So what's the best way to rearange my courses to even out the load. With ur opinions, I can try to rearrange my courses in August in guidance.

I need 90s in my courses and I am taking all university type courses

Plz help me.

Thanks & Regards,
Grade 12 Preparation
So I'm going to be in grade 12 for the year of 2018-2019. 

Any advice, lessons, tips, or anything that would be useful to help me next year? (I'm horrified)

I am a hard working student, my current average in grade 11 is 93% (I was aiming for higher :( ) I'm very stressed about next year because I am taking all the tough courses. My schedule for next year is;  

   -Semester 1: Bio, chem, advanced functions, English 
   -Semester 2: physics, calculus, business, and social justice.  

On top of that, I will also be a part of student council as I will be a grade 12 rep. I am also a school senate and a perfect (which is another school leadership/representative thing). 

I got all my volunteer hours so thank god I don't have to worry about that. 

As for universities and careers, my goal is to be a dentist, for my bachelor's degree I really want to get into the health sciences program at Mcmaster. My other options include any bio, chem, or medical programs in western, McMaster, or U of T.  

So as you can tell I lowkey am a very ambitious person, I am aiming for mid to high 90s next year although I lowkey know it might be impossible due to the heavy workload and stress.

I would really appreciate some good tips from past experiences and maybe advice from people who got into these programs :)

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Should I Retake Gr.11 Biology? (Or What Should I Do With My Summer?)
Quick intro,

This year I had a good first semester, but during second semester I was overloaded with extracurriculars and I was fast tracking 2 grade 11 courses while in grade 10 (Comp Sci 11, and bio 11). I am probably going to get around a 73-75% in Biology because I suffered hard during that course. My question is, should I redo it in summer school? 

I don't plan on using Biology for university applications and don't have it scheduled for next year. Should I just do the grade 12 (if I want) to keep my options open and not redo the grade 11? 

Also, I am going to SHAD for July and I will be doing Biology or some other course (suggest me some!) in August for TDSB eLearning! Thanks for any help!
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TOP 6 Early Admissions Calculation
If Calculus is a prerequisite for the programs I am applying to and I don't have it until 2nd semester, what will universities use as a stand in when calculating my top 6 since there isn't a grade 11 equivalent?
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I applied to the Urban and Regional Planning Program with all the required prerequisites and I came in at a 87% average. The admission average last year was 75%-81% but this year I got put on to the waitlist. What are my chance of getting in??? Applied to RYERSON University
what res should I live in
so I got into Ivey aeo today and bmos, but I was thinking id try to switch undergrad programs bc bmos is generic for Ivey kids and I wanna explore my interests (without killing my average of course) I was also wondering whats the best res to be in and what style, like single dorm double dorm or suite, I wanna meet as many people as possible but also hit the books and make a close group or close friends and have fun/party . anyone who has insight pls comment below! thanks
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How is SIDES?
As the title says. I am doing Physics 12 online with SIDES because it doesn't fit with my schedule. Any reviews?
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Two Tough Online Courses
I will be taking both Calc 12 and Physics 12 and am a bit worried about it because they are both going to be online. Do you guys think this is a good idea (thinking about science or applied science ... I am usually an above 90 student and don't want to do badly in these but I do want to do them just so my course load looks more rigorous (I also enjoy these topics greatly). I have to do them online because my school doesn't have enough students doing either course.
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Mcmaster chemical & physical science 1
Got in recently for the chemical & physical science program at mac and was wondering if anybody knows more info as it seems like a small program & what the classes are like etc.
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Changed my mind?
Hey guys, I need some advice from people who went or are going through the same thing as me.

I have applied to various business programs at schools in Canada, but I have had a sudden change in heart and I want to pursue something else. I am thinking of some Health Science programs but I have never taken a biology course, so I have a couple of questions.

1. Do you have any career counsellors that you would recommend?
2. Do you know how I could pursue Health Science within University without taking biology in high school? Are there any introduction courses I can take in my first year before switching my major?
3. Is it easy to transfer within faculties in a given university?
4. Has anyone been through the same thing? Is there someone who can possibly guide me through this?

Oh, additional comment! The reason I have changed my mind about taking Business within university is that I am currently studying for my IB exams and I realize how much I do not enjoy studying both Business Management and Economics. I have felt like this throughout the courses, but I thought it might just be me not enjoying the teaching style or something. I guess I was trying to play with my mind. I have contacted a career counsellor but I was wondering if anyone had one that was particularly good.
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UWO Econ + AEO/Ivey 2nd year internships??
I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to get an internship in finance after completing 2 years of an Econ (sosci) degree before Ivey HBA at UWO, or would I have to be in BMOS to get an internship? 
Also if there are any upper year students who could comment on their internship experience, how they got it etc.  
Thanks a lot in advance!!
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Will I get into Harvard with my 62 average?
So recently, Ive been having dreams on going to Harvard. I think Harvard is a very cool school because its filled with great minded people. I also heard there are some chicks there too. So I was wondering if I can get into Harvard with my 62 average. 
Advanced Functions - 56%
English - 55%
Food and Nutrition - 150%
Calculus - 20%
Biology - 39%
Chemistry - 54%
I know I'm not the greatest mind, but Steve Jobs went to Harvard and dropped out to make Facebook. Look at him now. He's a billionaire. He wasn't the most brilliant minded but he still went to Harvard but dropped out to make Facebook. So guys, do think I can make it to Harvard with my Grade 12 marks? I feel like I can because Steve Jobs did it. Please don't post mean comments because it will hurt me and make me cry.

Harvard has rejected me. :( Its honestly sad. I had so much goals that I wanted to accomplish at Harvard. On the bright side, I GOT ACCEPTED TO UCLA IN LOS ANGELOS, CALIFORNIA!!!  I got accepted for Women Studies program. Who needs Harvard, when you can get accepted to UCLA for Woman Studies!!! Thanks for all your support and prayers for me trying to get into Harvard!! 
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Thoughts on Gap Year
I applied to a few engineering programs & one business program. I'm kind of questioning if I still want to pursue the stem field or business since I'm struggling with physics right now and never taken a business course before..
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