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QuARMS Admissions
I'm applying to the Queens Accelerated Route to Medical School (QuARMS) this year, and I had some questions about the admissions process. Does QuARMs look at your high school midterm marks? To be eligible, do you need to have an overall grade average over 90%? or all of the individual courses you are taking to be over 90%. I currently have a 94% grade average but an 89% in one of my classes. Am I still eligible to apply?
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YRDSB e-Learning Night School
Anyone ever taken any courses through e-Learning Night School? How do they send your marks to OUAC? Do they send midterm grades or final grades?
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Should I Retake Gr.11 Biology? (Or What Should I Do With My Summer?)
Quick intro,

This year I had a good first semester, but during second semester I was overloaded with extracurriculars and I was fast tracking 2 grade 11 courses while in grade 10 (Comp Sci 11, and bio 11). I am probably going to get around a 73-75% in Biology because I suffered hard during that course. My question is, should I redo it in summer school? 

I don't plan on using Biology for university applications and don't have it scheduled for next year. Should I just do the grade 12 (if I want) to keep my options open and not redo the grade 11? 

Also, I am going to SHAD for July and I will be doing Biology or some other course (suggest me some!) in August for TDSB eLearning! Thanks for any help!
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I applied to the Urban and Regional Planning Program with all the required prerequisites and I came in at a 87% average. The admission average last year was 75%-81% but this year I got put on to the waitlist. What are my chance of getting in??? Applied to RYERSON University
OSSLT 2018 thoughts
Every grade 10 student across the province of Ontario had to write the OSSLT, including me. Give your insights, opinions, and answers here. Let's talk about it! (I think I messed up lol)

It also took me 5 1/2 hours to complete... I'm an IEP student. Go me right

Edit: Don't you love when a discussion meant to be entertaining and educational about the OSSLT turns into a hate/troll fest that attacks IEP students for not being like them?

I̴͖̺͑̅̌̈́͘͘̚ ̴̨̧̧̠͉̲͔͍̠̭̦͎̙͇̙̻̺̐̑̒̎͒̚͜ͅt̷̢̡̛͎͈͕͖̞͔͙̀̋̑́̀̽͊̓͒͂̉̀͆̒̚͝ͅò̶̡̢̢͙̺̹͖̯̟̼͎̱͓̰̓͂͐̅̄̎̐̍ͅẗ̷̢͎̯͈̟̲͖̞̜̞̜̰͚̻͕̳͎̤́̓ͅą̷̜͍̲͈̪̲͕̫̳̜̳̩̐͌̓̅̃́̆̐̀̈́̆͆͝ͅl̷̗͙̠̘̠̓͋̅͐͒́̀̐͛̓͗͝͝ͅl̸͇͚̖̞̻̈͊̔̆̔̉͂͑̓̊̈͘͘͠ỷ̴͕͔͈͇̭͓̺̜̬̦͕̑̉͑́̋͑̏̃̅͠ ̷̢̜̘̼͍̮͈̜̺̄̽͊͂̉͠͝d̸̼͙̹͓̿̓̓̄͘̚o̷̜̯͕̲͈̭̺͇̎͐͋̍͑̏͋͒̐͗̀͗̔̋̿͘͝ ̶̢̡̺̫̣͇̙̜̻̲̺͎͍̆̉̂̐̈̑̀͋̐́̚̚͘͠ṫ̶͖̠̤̯̭̘͖̹̱̲͙̜̬̟̾̓̽̍͊̈́̄̿̽̋͊̏͗̆͝͝ͅö̴̼͊̎̍͌͛͆͐̾͆̍̃͌̍͐̕͠͝õ̴̠̗̗̟͌̿̍̔̉̿͂̍͑̇͝͝͝
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Courses in High School
Could you list the courses you took in high school. From grade 9 to 12. It will be very interesting to see different courses taken!
Please help me! I need help with applying to University/ need recommendations!
Hey there! Hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a great 2018. I would really like some advice, what would you say is the best University for me to attend if I am averaging around an 83%. I am interested in getting a Bcomm or a BBA. I would also like to get co-op if possible. Any advice or recommendations will be much appreciated. Thanks!
Calling all yconic members!
We know it’s hard to think about but it’s almost that time of year again. Tell us your top 3 “Must Haves” for back to school and you could be featured in yconic's newest article.

Example:              1. My trusty Herschel backpack
                               2. Red TOMS shoes
                               3. My lucky pen
                              ~Jon, first year Queen’s student in Economics

Reply to this thread now for your chance to be featured!
Have you applied to graduate university?
The finish line is finally in sight! After 3.5 years of all-nighters, countless papers, and endless supplies of coffee, graduation is only a semester away. At Laurier, our graduation deadline for Spring 2017 was January 12th, without being penalized with fees. Last semester when I applied, it seemed so far away still – now, as it’s getting closer and closer, my excitement keeps rising!

The process was a bit confusing with Laurier, we apply through a program/site called “LORIS” we use this website for course selection, applying for bursaries and scholarships, etc. (ironically named after a type of sloth, and when course selection comes around, it seems to work as quickly as a sloth!) And then, unfortunately, we have to pay to apply to graduate (at least at Laurier we do.) Fortunately, it’s not a lot, and paying a one-time fee is pretty much granting us access to numerous support systems as alumni. For Laurier students, it’s approx.. $30 to graduate, excluding Gown Rental. The amount is billed to your tuition account – so I didn’t even notice paying for it with tuition. The easiest part of the application was finding out what day I’m graduating on - I’m from a small campus, so we only have two dates set for graduation. You’re either on Day One which is Nipissing Con-Ed students with Laurier BAs, or you’re on Day Two with all the just Laurier students. Easy peasy. Luckily this was the easiest part of the application process.

Graduation is less than 4 months away for some of us!

Have you applied to graduate? What was your process like?

yconic Student Ambassador
Top 6 Marks- Confused if you can submit more than one top 6 for specific cources.
Hi, Im a grade 12 student and I am wondering if I can chose specific top 6 marks for a given program. For example I want to apply to 3 programs at one university, can I pick three different top 6 marks for each program or can I only have one top 6 that has to be used for all the programs. I am asking this because if i were to apply for Buisness and Engineering the pre requisites are different. So can I have more than one top 6 list?
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Graduating high school with no friends?
Man, I feel hella sad
I moved to a new school in a good area in Grade 10, tried to make friends
And its grade 12, I'm graduating with no squad I actively chill with

I have a lot of people that talk to me at school, say hi to in the halls, want to work with me when it comes down to school stuff

But no squad to call my own. No friends that invite me out.

All of the people at my school have their groups made since grade 9, and even before since middle school. It's so hard to find a place where I just fit in man

I tried getting to be friends with one group of people, but despite all my friendliness and my efforts showing that I see them as friends outside of school, they ignore me and don't see me in the same way

I try to invite them out places, but they never come through. And when it comes down to their stuff (movies, birthdays etc) they don't invite me out

And now I'm graduating Grade 12, no real friends that I chill with outside of school
I'm not an awkward person, I play basketball casually, but idk man

I'm normally a guy not fazed by sh*t like this, but when I saw my friend posting pics of his birthday party on his snapchat story, I got kinda sad :/

What should I do :/
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Possible essay question??
On my English exam our teacher told us there will be an essay; but not what it will be on. All we know is that it will be a THEME from the three stories we covered:
1) A Raisin in the Sun
2)Kite Runner
3) Merchant of Venice

  What kind of essay question based on a common theme might she bring up. Plz this is pretty important, I need to bring up my average!
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Need help deciding my CS program!
I've been deferred from utsc comp sci to enviro/physical sciences (I know..). I was told by admissions that it would be possible to internally transfer if I take first year CS courses. My other options are:
- Ryerson CS 
- WLU comp electronics (Bsc) 
- York CS 
In your opinion which one is the most worth it?
Data Management Survey
Hi everyone! I have a survey for a project in data management, and I was hoping that there would be people around here who would be willing to take it. We're just trying to see whether there's a correlation between number of languages known, and your marks in language courses. It should only take a minute or two. Thanks everyone! :D

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Canadian Student at Yale - Ask Me Anything
I've noticed that there are a lot of misconceptions about applying to schools in the US.  As someone who just went through the process and did a lot of research, I'd love to answer any questions and help clear things up :)

I was also admitted to other Ivies, Waterloo BME and CS/BBA, U of T EngSci, Western Engineering + Ivey, among others, so I can answer questions about those as well.
SCH4U (Grade 12 Chemistry) Discussions
This is a thread for the discussion about grade 11/12 chemistry. General discussions about the course, specific questions, studying guides, strategies etc can all be posted here.

Here is the Ontario Curriculum for Grade 12:
1. Organic Chemistry(now a HUGE unit since hydrocarbon unit is no longer in the grade 11 curriculum)
2. Structures and Properties in the Quantum level
3. Energy and rate of reaction
4. Chemical systems and equilibrium
5. Electrochemistry

For those who finished this course, which unit do you think is the easiest? hardest? general comments? How does grade 11 compare to grade 12?
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How to get better at writing essays
Okay this question might seen really cheesy but how do I get better at writing essays.  I feel as if I keep getting level 3's on essay and I'm tired of that.
Grade 12 Courses?!?
The deadline to pick my grade 12 courses is coming soon and I don't know which electives to take. Im not sure what I want to do in the future... I was thinking kinesiology but now Im really not sure. My courses right now are

Bio (summer)
Advanced Functions

I am debating which other courses to take, I want two more and I would prefer it if they were relatively easy. My options are

Challenge and Change
Human Development throughout the Lifespan
Families in Canada
Environment and Resource Management 
International Business

I don't know how to pick or what to pick?!?!? Any advice? Which ones are easy/interesting?

Application on hold: required documents missing
I am a chemical engineering applicant to U of T and currently have a 92% overall average in 4/5 of my grade 12 Pre-reqs for U of T.

And an 82.75% overall average for Math, Chemistry, Physics and English in Grade 11, which I will explain in a second.

Today, when I logged onto my engineering applicant portal, my Application status had been changed to "Application on hold: required documents missing," when I checked what document was missing, it asked me to upload a document to "clarify any extenuating circumstances pertaining to Grade 11 results"

The full breakdown of my marks are:
Grade 12:
Chemistry: 94
Math: 94
English: 91
Physics 89
Calculus: in progress

Grade 11:
English: 86
Math: 85
Chemistry: 84
Physics: 76

In Physics, I had a circumstance regarding a bad teacher, which I tried to explain (not by placing the blame on him, more so by explaining how discouraged I felt, etc.) but I am really worried about this. I've never seen anything posted about anyone receiving a notice like this, and everyone has always said grade 11 marks don't matter.

If anyone has ANY information please say something, I feel horrible knowing that even despite my grade 12 efforts, this happened to me.

I also tried to explain to them that I had completed Grade 12 Chemistry and Math in grade 11, meaning there is some reflection of consistency from grade 11 to grade 12.
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Western U admission requirements
Why doesn't western university medical sciences program have a supplementary application? So if you reach the cut off (87-93 I think) you automatically get in??

Also this means that they don't look at ECs?
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McMaster health or life science?
I know this question has been asked many times, but this is a straight up question?

1. Which program gives you a better chance into med school: life science or health science at McMaster?

2. Why is life science easier to get into?

3. Average requirements for both..

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Leadership Class??
I think its formally called (Leadership and Peer Support [GPP3O1]), but im not too sure. It seems fun because:
1. you earn 2 credits (grade 11 gudiance and religion) as it runs from sept.-june
2. You help the incoming grade 9s at like the orientation and guide them thorugh the school year
3. I dont think theres an exam :))

so should i take this course and sacrifice: 11 world religion and an elective?
has any1 taken it before?
Law or Sciences (bio Chem physics)
Should I enter law or the sciences for grade 11. I'm really strong in science and math; but I find law very interesting?
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Easy grade 11 courses
I already have 7 courses for grade 11 (1 fast tracked advanced functions) so I have space for a fun/easy course.

What fun or easy courses did u take in grade 11:

Possible choices:

*feel free to add any more courses you found/find easy or fun