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Queens university admission average
realistically, what are my chances of getting into queens arts with an 86.5 average and a pretty good pse?
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Nutrition and Health (HFA4U1) or Challenges and Change in Society (HSB4U1)?
I was wondering if anybody knew which one of these courses is easier. because I have a pretty heavy course selection for grade 12 and I was wondering which course would be easy in terms of content
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When looking at grade 11 marks...
When looking at grade 11 marks for early admission, which marks do universities look at? For example, if I want to apply to the health science program, and I need ENG4U, SBI4U, SCH4U, MHF4U, and 2 more U/M courses, will they look at my grade 11 equivalent of those courses (SBI3U, SCH3U, etc...) and only take the those 6 grade 11 marks, or will they just look at my grade 11 average in total (ie. all of my courses regardless of whether they are the 4U prerequisites, or my top 7 marks, etc,)? Any insight into this would be really helpful as I’ve tried searching this online and not much as actually come up . thank you!
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Physics 11 in summer school?
Hi! My course selections are coming up and I'm considering taking the full IB diploma. I'm planning to take IB Chem SL and Bio HL for my sciences. However, most universities like UBC require physics 11 for their science programs. Since taking physics HL might kill me, should I take it in summer school or online? Or would it be better to take bio 11 in summer school?
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How are Grade 13s looked at for universities & scholarships?
I've gotten early acceptance but it is to my last choice school...

I was thinking of doing grade 13 to upgrade two courses, in order to get into a university I'm excited about.

1. How does Western, Queens, McMaster, and UofT (engineering) look at grade 13 applicants? Are they accepted, and if so are they given less priority than a grade 12? I believe Queens doesn't accept grade 13's.

2. How do scholarships work? Will I just be viewed as a grade 12 student, or will they not allow me as a grade 13?

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York Region District School Board - Withdrawing Grade 12 Kinesiology in Grade 11
Hello everybody, I'm currently in Grade 11 and I would like to withdraw from Grade 12 Kinesiology. I have already completed 28 credits (as of February 2019) so I only need 2 more credits to graduate from high school. I'm not planning to graduate early, that's why I wanted to take Kinesiology this coming September during my last year of high school. My other courses for this semester are Co-op (2 credits) and Grade 11 Geography (1 credit), which totals to 3 credits this semester without Kinesiology. I am also taking Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors at a night school so technically, I will still have 4 credits altogether without Kinesiology.  

Do you think it is possible to withdraw from Grade 12 Kinesiology? Do you think the guidance counselors will accept my decision?
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Bio 12 or Chem 11 in summer?
I'm in 10th grade and planning to do all 3 sciences (physics, bio, chem) and go into architecture. I'm doing bio 11 rn and idk whether I should continue with bio 12 or take chem 11 in the summer. 

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Schulich Reference
For the Schulich leader scholarship application we need at least one reference to be from a school staff member. Should it be from any teacher or a science/math teacher who can comment on my academics? I got it from a teacher who can talk about my leadership but now I am wondering if the reference had to be more about the type of student I am.
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grade 11 all university courses?
Is it a good idea to take 8 university courses (3U and 4U) in grade 11? I participate in other activities so I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to do well.
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My chances of a decent business school? Grade 12 student worried (Accounting)
Current average for 1st sem

 Advanced Functions 85

 English 82 (EXPECTED to increase to a 85)

 Business Leadership 90

 Economics 85 

 + Decent Ec's 

 AVRG 85.5, Im anticipating to work even harder next sem and bring my avrg to the 87-89 range Im applying to Ryerson, Rotman, UTM, UTSC BBA COOP, York (not schlich), and Degroote. What are my chances at these business schools? Im so worried, as I have been putting a 100 percent everyday. Thanks for your time.
University Questions!!
I'm in grade 11 and I'm planning to go into law. I was wondering what some good undergrad programs are for someone who sucks at math. The social sciences interest me as well as English. 

Also, I was wondering what some recommended universities are. I just want as much information as possible. I'm not really a science or math person. 
Thank you all! I really appreciate it :) 
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Is Biochemistry a good undergrad for Medical School?

I'm having some trouble deciding what I should choose as my undergrad program? (I'm in grade 11 by the way)

I'm hoping to pursue a career in medicine after completing my undergraduate degree.

Biochemistry is what I'm leaning towards currently, but I've heard people say that taking science courses will lower my GPA.

I do feel like I am completely capable of maintaining a high GPA (I have a 98 average in grade 11) but I'd still like to hears other's advice.

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Schulich Leader Application
I was recently nominated to apply for this award and I have done research for the past two years. However they say they don't want students planning to go into medicine but the research I did was medical related. Should I include it or leave it out if it might decrease my chances of getting the award? I am unsure since some the past winners participated in HYRS or things like that but I just want to be sure that it including my research will not effect me negatively
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Admission Requierments for univirsities in Canada
Hi I am a canadian high school student, I want to know that if I want to get admission in univirsities like uoft do I need anything else other than good grades, community involvment or anything else. Please answer this in detail.
Pre - Med?

I'm a grade 11 student and I'm thinking about pursuing a career in medicine.

Right now, I'm kinda unsure on what I should take as an undergrad course (something in health/biology).

I've heard that going to U of T or other rigorous schools won't be good for my GPA ( I do have a 98% average)

The schools I'm considering are U of T, Waterloo, and McMaster.

Programs that I'm considering are Biochemistry, which I like, BioMedical Sciences, or health science.

Any advice?

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Horatio Alger Scholarship
I was just wondering if anyone was contacted about it? Did anybody win? It doesn't look like they updated their social media accounts or website yet.
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Do you have to send Passport picture for proof ILC documents
Hi im currently trying to get a course done but like, it says i need to have a passport pic and it MAY be used to verify. However I dont have any of that stuff. Can I just skip it?
Yconic Elitists
Calling out all snobby, rich, Ivey-bragging, elitist turds on Yconic to respond. 

grade 12 maths
Out of advanced functions, data and calc which is the easiest/least work?
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12U bio online
hey i wanted to know if its a bad or good idea to do 12U Bio online. so im curently taking bio right now and i have a 70 which is really bad to go into the  the exam with. i want to bring it up so i decided to retake bio and my school has an option to do it online or in a regular classroom will it be looked down upon by universities if i took it online as opposed to in a class. i dont slack off its just i had an emergency happen and i had to travel to family in the uk for a month and it brought mY MARK down. im really good at bio and i enjoy it so i dont mind retaking it.
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MCV4U Prerequisite
If a student were to apply for a certain program where MCV4U(Grade 12 Calculus and Vectors) is a prerequisite, but can't submit it since the student has it in second semester, would the student get automatically rejected? If the university would not reject and would wait until the student submits a grade for that course, would it be included as a top 6 or would it be some kind of conditional offer where the university would ask to reach a certain %?

Sorry if my questions are incomprehensible/dumb, I will try to fix them if so. Still, much thanks in advance.
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grade 11 course selection
I'm in grade 10 and I will be picking  courses soon for next year. I'm planning on pursuing science (not sure what specifically). So far, I have decided on:

ENG3U- English  
FSF3U- French
MHF4U- Adv. Functions  
SPH3U- Physics  
SCH3U- Chemistry  
SBI3U- Biology  
HSP3U- Anthro, Psych

Should I take a spare for the last one or maybe something that won't be too much work like art or tech design?
pls help!!
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math mark
hey i got a 50 in grade 11 functions so i took grade 11 mixed math in the summer and got an 84 how does that affect my university applications will they look at the 50?
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Hello, I'm just wondering if I were to not have a course that is a pre-requisite for a certain program, am I unable to apply for that program, or will universities just ask me to meet a certain grade once I actually complete that course?

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